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I was expecting this soap to be drying but it wasn't! I normally do not use this type of soap due to the fact that I mostly deal with dry skin. I tried this and loved it. I use it after working out or when I feel particularly dirty. Washes off well, and I feel fresh and clean. Does not dry me out either. What a nice surprise.

Natalie Stone

I tried this one with a bad cold and right away the scents cleared my sinuses and were calming and healing to breathe. Next I started to feel the coolness of the peppermint mixed with the warmth of the bath and it was delightful and soothing. As bad as it feels to get sick, at least I now have this bomb to look forward to next time!

Halina Kowalski

The slab soap is the best soap I have ever used, the fragrance you choose is only dependent on what you like. Pick any fragrance you like and you won't be disappointed.

Elese Sewell