Our Story

SLAB Handcrafted Soap Company was founded on the basis of being the best through simplicity. For over a decade SLAB has been crafting soap in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon. The SLAB Soap formula is a rich blend of sustainably sourced palm, coconut and olive oil and exotic butters. The formula provides a smooth creamy lather that will  clean and moisturize your skin better than other products.

Vegetable fats and oils, like those found in our soap, are extremely gentle on the skin. They produce a high glycerin content from the soap making process.  Most commercial soap is made from beef tallow, animal fat, as well as many synthetic chemicals used as preservatives or lathering agents.

All natural soap is made with some type of fat/oil and lye. When mixed together we end up with two byproducts; soap and glycerin.  Soap is an alkaline product that bonds to dirt and other foreign materials found on the skin, this is the cleaning agent. However, soap strips the skin of the protective oils on the skin. That is where the glycerin helps to moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out.  Most commercial soaps have been milled, triple milled or French milled. The milling process extracts the glycerin, leaving a hard long lasting bar that doesn't moisturize your skin.

Our soap last one person about 3-4 weeks.  All our soaps are hand cut at our shop in Salem, Oregon.  Hand cut soaps retain the glycerin necessary to moisturize your skin naturally.  Every time you use SLAB soap you are getting a cleaner wash and moisturized skin.