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  • November 26, 2018 4 min read

    Chances are, winter has already wreaked havoc on your skin. The harsh conditions can cause your usual healthy, glowing skin to feel and look more like a sheet of sandpaper. But before you hibernate under wool sweaters and knee-high socks, try one of our six handcrafted soaps that are specially formulated to take care of your skin during the coldest of seasons.

    Our oatmeal-based soaps will soothe your dry, itchy skin for daily use, our sand soaps offer ultra-fine exfoliating for deep scrubbin’, and our Avocado Butter Soap provides the ultimate moisturizing boost for that extra hydration.

    Oatmeal Soaps

    If you could pick just one all-natural ingredient to use on your skin this winter, it should be oatmeal. Oats’ saponins — natural cleansers — remove dirt, oil, and sweat from your pores. Oats also soothe dry, itchy skin and even gently exfoliate off dry skin cells.

    You can always soak in a tub full of oats. To do so, grind up oatmeal in blender or food processor and add it to a cheesecloth, muslin bag, some pantyhose, or even just an old (but clean!) sock. Or, just buy a soap that contains oatmeal — like our many varieties of handcrafted soap with gluten-free oats. You'll get a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer all-in-one. Plus, our handcrafted oatmeal soaps come in many different winter scents.

    Cedar Juniper Oatmeal Soap

    Our Cedar Juniper Oatmeal Soap smells oh so woodsy, but it's more than just the perfect winter scent. The cedar essential oil in this soap acts as an all-natural astringent which eases inflammation, acne, and itchiness. The added juniper essential oil detoxifies and tones your skin, aiding in the reduction of pimples and problem skin spots. Cedar, juniper, and of course, gluten-free oatmeal combine to bring you this freshly-scented soap that will take your winter skincare blues away.








    Oatmeal Cookie Soap

    Our Oatmeal Cookie Soap will make your sink or shower smell just like freshly-baked homemade cookies. In addition to the gentle exfoliation of oats, we add a dash of cinnamon which will exfoliate your skin even more deeply. The cinnamon also helps to give this handcrafted soap its warm and spicy aroma.








    Peppermint Oatmeal Soap

    Peppermint Oatmeal Soap has the dual power of oats and peppermint essential oil. The oats clean, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin while the peppermint essential oil invigorates your body with a tingling lather. We infuse this soap with pure peppermint essential oil that is extracted from locally grown peppermint plants. This handcrafted soap is especially helpful after a stressful day or if you're feeling under the weather. 

    And, if you're as obsessed with oatmeal as we are, then you should know that we also offer:

    Exfoliating Soaps

    Oatmeal serves as a great triple action cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator, but sometimes you need a more focused bar for your exfoliation needs. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells that block healthy skin from developing, and since your skin cells dehydrate and dry out faster when its cold, you need some extra scrubbing action. Stock up on our exfoliating soaps that feature ultra-fine white sand scents perfect for this season. 

    Cedar Sage Lemon & Sand Soap

    Our Cedar Sage Lemon & Sand Soap sure is a mouthful, though as the name suggests, we packed in a bunch of good stuff in this one soap. The natural astringent properties of cedar and lemon essential oils help to calm inflammation, acne, and itchiness. The sage essential oil in this soap fights fungus, and combined with the fine white sand makes for an exfoliating soap ideal for dry, inflamed skin.








    Douglas Fir & Sand Soap

    After washing with our Douglas Fir & Sand Soap, you'll smell fresh, as if you've been chopping wood in the forest all morning long — minus the sweat! This soap has the cleaning power to freshen up even the brawniest of mountain folks. The crisp scent of douglas fir essential oil invigorates your skin, and fine-grain white sand exfoliates everything from rough feet, to knees and elbows.

    If you’re into the scent (and who wouldn't be!) but not the grit, our regular Douglas Fir Soap is formulated sans sand so you get all the benefits of the soap for more sensitive skin.

    Or, if you do love the ultra-exfoliating sand soaps, you can try out some of our other sand soap scents, like Rosemary Mint & Sand Soap or our Tea Tree & Sand Soap.

    Our Most Moisturizing Soap

    After all that exfoliation, you may need a deep dose of moisturization. Enter in our most moisturizing soap, which also happens to be our #1 best-seller: Avocado Butter.

    Avocado Butter Soap

    Our Avocado Butter Soap does a whole lot of good for your skin:

    • Slows down premature aging and wrinkles
    • Reduces discoloration and dark marks
    • Moisturizes skin (and is good enough to eat!)
    • Relieves dehydrated skin and soothes sensitive skin

    Since the list of what this soap can do goes on and on, let’s look at what our Avocado Butter Soap doesn't do:

    • Doesn't contain any harsh chemicals
    • Doesn't contain ingredients you can’t pronounce — only all-natural oils like sustainably-sourced palm, coconut, and olive oils
    • Doesn't contain any fragrance — a must-have for both sensitive and dry skin


    Don't spend your winter with itchy, dry skin. Enjoy the cooler temps and sweater weather while feeling comfortable in your skin with any one of our dry skin soaps. Plus, you can make sure you never run out of soaps like these again with our Soap Club! You'll get two soaps shipped to your door each month with free shipping. Choose from our Top 20 Best Sellers, Top 20 Men's Soap, or let us choose for you with the SLAB Soap Maker Special.


    As always, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Intended for topical use only. Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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